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Nepal Engineering Service (Civil Engineer) Sample Questions

Rambabu KushwahaAug 12, 2023

Section A 1. Describe briefly the requirements of earthquake resistant building? [5]  2. Define bridge. Enlist the characteristics of ideal…

Pile Foundation and Types

Pile Foundation and Types

Rambabu KushwahaJul 18, 2023

Introduction Foundations provide support to the structure and transfer the loads from the structure to the soil. But the layer…


Cross Drainage Works | Aqueduct, Syphon Aqueduct, Super Passage, Canal Siphon, Level Crossing

Rambabu KushwahaJul 4, 2023

Introduction: In irrigation projects, the construction of main canals, branch canals, and distributaries often requires crossing natural drainages such as…

Complete Guide: Hosting a .com.np Domain with Blogger Without AFRAID

Complete Guide: Hosting a .com.np Domain with Blogger Without AFRAID.ORG

Rambabu KushwahaJul 3, 2023

Introduction: In this tutorial, you will learn how to host a .com.np domain (or any other domain) with Blogger without…

Road Classification Nepal Road Standard 2070

Road Classification in Nepal | Nepal Road Standard 2070

Rambabu KushwahaJun 28, 2023

Roads in Nepal are classified as follows: A. Administrative Classification Administrative classification of roads is intended for assigning national importance…

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