Here's how to remove your name and contact number from Truecaller


Truecaller is an app that lets you know a user’s name and other related information. First of all, it is important to know how Truecaller works.

This is what we are telling you today. When a user downloads the Truecaller app and logs in, the app first asks the person for some permission.

In which the list of contact numbers (all contact numbers saved in the mobile) is also allowed. When a user gives Truecaller access to their account, the app can find out all of that person’s contact numbers and save them to their server.

What happens is that everyone’s names and contact numbers are saved in Truecaller. When a user searches for a number on TrueCaller or receives a call from an unknown number, the app searches for its name and information on its server.

Truecaller stores all the information like username, contact number, email id and location. For those who want to hide their identity, this app is a problem.

Even if you have never signed up for your information on a third party server, the information including your contact number is stored through this app. If you do not want your identity to be known and your contact number is not listed in Truecaller’s database, you will need to deactivate your account first.

You can also request the company to remove your number from its database. Truecaller has been helping users to find information about spammers, scammers, telemarket call and call centers.

This app also allows you to block such numbers. But for this, the user should be ready to risk the privacy of himself and the contact number on his mobile.

Those who have never used the Truecaller app, even if they do not agree to it, even the information of such people is stored in the database of this app. If you are concerned about your privacy, you must first deactivate the Truecaller account.

For this you have to complete some process. Your phone number will then be automatically removed from Truecaller’s database.


For Android users

If you have never used Truecaller, there is no need to deactivate anything here. If so, open the Truecaller app.

Now tap on the menu button (with three dots) at the top right of the app. Then go to settings.

After entering the settings, you have to select the Privacy Center and then confirm by selecting the Deactivate button at the end.


For iOS users

If you use an iPhone, you’ll need to open the Truecaller app on your iPhone. Then click on the profile avatar in the top left corner of TrueCaller’s home page. Then go to Settings and deactivate through Privacy Center.


Do this to remove your number from Truecaller’s database

All you have to do is go to TrueCaller’s official unlist page (click here to go to TrueCaller’s unlist page). Then you have to request for delisting.

Below that you have to put your mobile number along with the country code. Then tick the given captcha and click on the unlisted phone number button.

Now in the popup window you will see the Unlist button, click on it. After doing so, a message will be sent to the user’s number within 24 hours deleting your information from the company’s searchable data.

After a day or two, you can check if your number has been removed from TrueCaller. If your number appears in TrueCaller’s searchable even when delisting, it may be saved in the local cache of your profile.

In that case, delete your search result and try again. To clear the cache, go to the phone’s settings and clear TrueCaller’s cache memory with the app.

The important thing to note here is that your personal information will not be visible in any user’s call. The only thing that happens is that when someone searches for your number in TrueCaller, it will not show any of your information.

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