Basic Rule For Design Of Column

             First of all the size of the columns depends on the total load on the columns.

  1. Minimum size of an RCC column should not be less than 9″x 9″ (225mm x 225mm) with 4 bars of 12mm Fe500 Steel.
  2. Use Minimum M20 Grade concrete in RCC column (ratio 1 part Cement: 1.5 parts Sand: 3 parts Aggregate with 0.5 parts water by volume)
  3. With thumb rule a column span of up to 5 meters is quite safe.
  4. Column longitudinal bars should not be less than 12mm and also its should be not more than 50mm by thumb rule.
  5. For using steel in column the cross-sectional area of longitudinal steel in a column shall not be less than 0.8 and also its should be not more than 6% of the gross sectional area of the column.
  6. I recommend use of 8mm stirrups at a distance of 150mm center to center throughout the length of column.


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