Hello guys, How are you? How is your preparation going on as an aspirants? Are you doing good on this? Are you searching for the study websites which will be useful during your preparation times? If yes is the answer from you then you are on the right place. Here in this article we will discuss about the various websites name list specially for civil engineering preparation for government jobs, private jobs, or for any other competitive exams.

Here we are tabulating the study website names as below :

  1. India Bix
  2. Exam Veda
  3. Testbook
  4. Mcqmate
  5. Bio Famous
  6. GrabStudy
  7. Study.org
  8. ScholarExpress
  9. Sanfoundry

1) India Bix

I have put India-Bix on the top list among all the study websites. It’s because on India-Bix you can find a lots of solved questions of engineering and also answer with the full explanation. With this facility, it has become very popular among the aspirants. During preparation from their websites, you can feel very good and also its good in the matter of user interface. You can discuss about your doubts on the discussion panel and also you can answer the different question there below each questions.

You can find civil engineering objective questions, different types of interview questions, a lot of aptitude questions which are enough for you examination, online tests, different puzzles and different other faculty wise questions.

2) Exam Veda

Another good study web portal from where we can learn numerous multiple choice questions for all type of competitive examinations is Exam Veda. Here you can find the questions from all faculties and this portal have a unique feature called “Discuss in Board”, on this feature you are able to see the detailed solution of the given question and on most of the questions, special hints are given there.