Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal 5th Level Exam Questions

Section “A”

50 Marks

1. Briefly describe the history of civil aviation in Nepal. List out international airports constructed and under planning consideration in Nepal. [3+2=5]

2. What is airport pavement? Compare the basic design concept for flexible and rigid airport pavements. [1+4=5]

3. What is airport drainage system? Write down its functions. What type of data will you collect for its design? [1+2+2=5]

4. What are the additional requirements for a Domestic Airport Terminal to be upgraded to an International Airport? Describe. [5]

5. When do you use trigonometric levelling? What are its limitations? Describe. [3+2=5]

6. What is the purpose of Runway Threshold? How do yeu mark it and what are the standard dimensions of the markings? [2+3=5]

7. What are the factors to be considered for the airport site selection? Why rose diagram is Importance for runway orientation? Explain. [5+5=10]

8. What does ICAO stand for? Enlist the geometric design standards for the airport design as per ICAO. As per ICAO, Write the class of Tribhuvan International Airport and elaborate it. [5+5=10]

Section “B”

50 Marks

9. Mention the markings in the airport pavement. What do the letters ‘L’, ‘R’ and ‘C’ Indicate in marking? [3+2=5]

10. Draw a Mass Haul Curve. What is free haul distance in Mass Haul Curve? What information do we get from it? [1+1+3=5]

11. Describe water cement ratio. Mention factors affecting strength of concrete. Why is curing done? [1+3+1=5]

12. What is a Tender Notice? How long is its period for National Competitive Bidding in Nepal? Mention the amount of bid security and performance bond in Nepal. [2+1+2=5]

13. Describe different types of foundations for civil engineering structures along with their Suitability in soil types. [5]

14. Describe the properties of cement to be used for airport construction. Also, mention the need for using admixtures. [4+1=5]

15. What do you mean by rate analysis and how is it prepared? What are the norms for M20 concrete? [5+5=10]

16. What are the responsibilities of civil overseer in Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal? Briefly explain the relation among employer, contractor and consultant in construction works. [5+5=10]

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