Land Area Converter – Nepal

Why Nepali Land area Conversion?

I have developed Nepali Land Area Conversion web application because when people from hilly region wants to buy land in the Terai region or vice-versa, they get confused due to stark difference between the two systems. To mitigate that issue, I believe this web application helps you in converting both the Nepali land area measurement system into each other and also to the S.I. unit of Square feet.

Nepal land measurement system

Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country situated in South Asia. It is bordered with India on three sides and with China on one side. Nepal has diverse landscapes, fertile plains in south and hill and mountains on the north. Due to this, two distinct land measurement techniques prevailed in Nepal. People living in hills and mountains opt for the Aana and Ropani system of land measurement whereas people living in Terai (southern belt) use the Katha and Biga (Bigha) system of land measurement. Nepal uses S.I. unit system of measurement so we can simply use square feet system to interchange one system of measurement with another. This article list how it can be done and also tabulate each unit value in square feet.